Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Polite notice

From time to time I receive comments that I do not think are suitable to be published on this blog. I am quite happy to publish strong opinions as long as they are not expressed in such a way as might offend most reasonable people. I have recently received a few comments about named individuals which I have hesitated to publish and some which I have decided not to, either because they are clearly malicious or indecent or because they make allegations which, whether or not they can be substantiated, seem to arise from some personal grievance which I do not wish to see aired in this space.
I would like to make it clear that I  no longer intend to publish  any comments mentioning named individuals unless that individual has been mentioned in the blog post or it is strictly relevant to the matter being discussed. This includes comments which might be deemed to be of a "lighthearted" nature, but could be regarded as malicious by the person named or by their associates.
Thank you all for your understanding in this matter.


  1. I had to do the same Sue. The only difference is that the commenter attacks me personally and other commenters on the blog.

    I've had to stop reading his comments - which now go straight to spam - as they are so nasty it was beginning to infect me. The comments positively seethe with hatred for me and Christians in general. He had no qualms in attacking those with mental illnesses.

    I hate censorship and will only do it as a last option, but sometimes we are left with no other option.

    It's a shame in a way with this particular commenter, as he often has some valid points, but I can't publish because some of it so vile and personal. He puts an awful lot of effort into the comments as they're always long.

    Anyway, such is the blogging life I suppose....

  2. I've only had a very small number of abusive emails aimed at me personally. Always anonymous...says it all really.

  3. It's so funny you should say that Sue.

    I spent ages crafting a private email to this guy, pouring myself out, and trying to explain the issues, and after all that; the email bounced back as non existant.

    This particular guy, after I censored him, went on to the links I'd posted to other blogs and began disparaging me on their blogs, and eventually attacking them. This really disturbed me as one of the ladies was having a difficult pregnancy and is in a very fragile emotional state.

    He even insuinated that he would meet me in the "real world", which is a mistake, as although I'm a Christian, I'm a right hard b#rst+rd :)

    Thanks for giving me a safe platform to pour this out Sue. he started to make me dread blogging and I thought about quitting.

    The funny thing is, that I love this blog and ALWAYS read everything you write. Does that mean I agree with everything; of course not, but I'm always happy to see the other side and try to understand and have an open mind.

    I wish everyone took that stance.

  4. Thank you Stuart. I am glad you enjoy the blog. I regularly read yours, and it features in my blog list as you know!