Friday, 20 January 2012

Good news getting a good press

On Wednesday, John Sentamu made a visit to Macclesfield to see and hear more about the work of the Cre8 Youth group. I didn't attend, although I did read about the visit and the work of Cre8 both in the local press and through comments and pictures on Face book from those who had been involved! What did surprise me was to be asked about the visit by a number of  friends and colleagues, most of whom don't live in the immediate area,  are not in any way Christians, and have sometimes challenged me with their views about of some aspects of Christianity and religious belief in general ( views which are entirely valid and which in many ways I share.)

 I told them what I knew about the work of Cre8 and of churches in the area and the reaction was one of interest and approval. One friend commented on how valuable she thought it was when people of faith got involved in this kind of work and mission. It is nice to know that news travels, not just bad news but good news as well. As someone who believes that Christianity has a message of good news  it brought to mind Matthew 5:16 - that Christians should let their deeds shine before men. It was heartening to see such a positive response .

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