Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Don't take care, take risks

 A book that is definitely on my reading list is The Vicar of Baghdad by Canon Andrew White. So I was pleased to read that this truly remarkable man won the US First Freedom Award last week, becoming only the third Englishman to do so after Winston Churchill and Tony Blair. Canon White, despite suffering from multiple sclerosis, works tirelessly for Iraq's beleagured Christian community. He is also director of the Foundation for Reconciliation and Relief which  works to build bridges and heal religious division and hatred - perhaps one of the most difficult taks when faced with bitter political interests and divisions.
 This article reports on some recent comments made by Canon White; I was saddened to read his predictions that the future of Iraq's Christians does not look positive, but at the same time I felt  admiration that, in the face of that bleak future, he still advised courage and the taking of risks above caution. It is sometimes said that it is easier to preach a sermon than to live one, and the lives of some people are living lessons from which we should learn.

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