Sunday, 8 January 2012

Do dogs have souls? ( Part Seventeen)

I was in two minds whether or not to post the above video which shows dogs saying grace before meals! I am not sure it is evidence that dogs have souls, more evidence of how easy it is to train dogs and possibly quite a few members of the human species to adopt all the signs of  religiosity with very little but their own ulterior motives under that pious exterior...
 I am sure that all the admittedly gorgeous dogs in this clip are very close to God, I think their owners, who are clearly either deranged or have strange ideas of what it is appropriate to train their animals to do, may be in need of our prayers.


  1. Wonderful.

    Not too sure what it proves about the dogs, but it says plenty about their owners.

    Admirable restraint on the part of the canines anyway.

  2. I have taught my spaniel, Milly, to say mass. She now wants to be a Bishop.

  3. All this exegesis in anthropomorphia proves is that religion has a nasty habit promoting habits that makes its adherents feel better about themselves at the expense of the freedoms of others. Perhaps these doggy trainers should open a bed and breakfast or become counsellors or work as a registrar... – it seems to be a worthy occupation for those who revel in ‘easy’ righteousness...


    P.S. the word verification was 'unbow'! A sign to be sure!!!!

  4. I disagree completely. This is definitely proof that not only do dogs have souls, but they are often better Christians than we are. We knew that already of course, but it's nice to have the proof.

    Must go, my terrier is calling me to Compline.

    Iffy Vicar