Monday, 30 January 2012

Church Mouse squeaks again!

 I was thrilled beyond words this evening to discover that Church Mouse has emerged from his mouse hole and delivered quite a lengthy squeak on the important subject of the Archbishops' new  proposals on Women Bishops about to be suggested to Synod. As usual, Mouse squeaks a great deal of sense and when he predicts (and I quote) a cock up, the Church should  bloody well sit up and listen! The wisdom from the skirting boards continues,
It has been the clearly expressed will of General Synod and Diocesan Synods that women be admitted to the episcopate on the same terms as men, with graceful provision for those who cannot accept this. Those who are being offered graceful provision should accept it gracefully.

For the good of the gospel in this country, Synod members must vote against the proposal to reintroduce the Archbishops' amendment for "co-ordinate jurisdiction".

Oh, Mousey, we love you , we love you! We adore you from the ends of your whiskers to the tip of your mousey tail. Let's forget changing the Church (which is doomed anyway) and just see if  we can tempt this cute little beastie out more often. Anyone got some cheese?


  1. Yes, it was wonderful to see him popping up in my reader today and with so much sense as always. Shame it's just a one-off.

  2. It made my day yesterday to read Mouse's post after such a long break. It was much more than a squeak - more a timely rallying cry. I loved it.