Sunday, 6 November 2011

What makes you happy?

Some interesting responses from the participants of Question Time when asked "What makes you happy?" I've blogged on this subject before and think it is a question well worth asking ourselves, as the bible says, "Where your treasure lies, there will your heart lie also."  Most of the participants gave fairly conventional answers such as their partner or children and interestingly nobody admitted that it was actually amassing obscene amounts of wealth or power or over indulging in alchohol, food or bodily pleasures - but then they wouldn't would they?
The two responses which stood out most were the first and the last. Benjamin Zephaniah (wonderful man) spoke of just breathing and not expecting too much from life and Peter Hitchens said his faith in God brought him happiness (I am not personally keen on Hitchens, but it was a thought provoking answer.)
Happiness is  subjective  in many ways and different to different people. I don't know what your answer is, it might even be a cigar named Hamlet...


  1. Like Hitchens I find my joy in God, copious amounts of food, drink, money and all sins of the flesh. Unlike bonkers Hitchens, I don't look as if I'm eating a sour lemon.

  2. He did have a rather "I'm a prissy little Sunday school prig" look when he said it that did make me briefly consider if the chance to slap him hard might not bring a little happiness in to the lives of many.