Saturday, 1 October 2011

Weekend round up

I'm really busy at the moment, I was out very late two evenings last week and work was hectic - I don't quite know how I found time to blog at all (maybe because Mr M was cooking the evening meals..?) This weekend is NOT looking any more leisurely; the house is a mess because of the work on the kitchen, all the stuff that we transferred out of the kitchen now has to go back in,  I have to do one set of marking, plan a general studies lesson and complete several university references.
The reason for telling you all of this is that I am offering a round up of some of some posts and articles  I have read this week, thus saving the trouble of blogging myself. The following caught my attention or made me think:
1. What's a girl worth from We Mixed our Drinks was a thought provoking article about the way women are valued - or devalued.
2. Death by Grief from Seven Whole Days thoughtfully explored the idea that many people are in grief for a church they feel may be dying. The post suggested that many Christians are still in the anger stage of grief - and I thought of fear, denial and paralysis as other possible symptoms we experience when faced with the  prospect of loss or threat to that which we hold dear.
3. Pilgrim's Progress from Lost in the North reflected on faith as a journey rather than a set of pat answers to difficult questions.
4. Rachel at Revising Reform  got to rub shoulders with Rowan Williams  this week, and writes about the experience in Rowan Williams- notorious. On the point of notoriety, rebel African bishop, Nolbert Kunonga,  has denounced William's upcoming trip to Zimbabwe as nothing more than propaganda for gay rights, suggesting the ABC is a gay lobbyist - well, there's a thought to conjure with anyway!
5. Meanwhile, the Episcopal Cafe has written a list of the Five Common Questions asked by those opposed to LGBT inclusion
6. Finally, Get out of Jail Free reflects on the unseasonal burst of autumn sunshine with Dementors and the sunshine of an Indian Summer and cleverly manages to link this to the idea that Christians should reflect the light of Christ and not be all grim and dementor-like, sucking the heart and soul out of everyone they meet. Really! I know the dementors took over Hogwarts, but surely that could never happen in the Church of England?

Happy reading!

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  1. Thank you for a challenging list of links. Re "Seven Whole Days" What about the Christian belief in resurrection. Maybe I am just in a positive frame of mind, but I do long for hope in these difficult times for churches.