Friday, 7 October 2011

Life in abundance

 I've been thinking recently about how secular songs often contain quite spiritual ideas and I know that Mad Priest has been doing the same in Why should the Devil have all the good songs? This post from Lost in the North is about the death of Steve Jobs and explores the importance of  death in our faith. Death makes us ask the big questions. What struck me about both of the videos below is that they are about death - and yet they are full of questions about life - the question of how we live life most fully and most meaningfully. They express a longing to have life and to have it in abundance.  Abundance is a wonderful word, the very sound of it suggests richness and fullness - but how do we live life abundantly? Perhaps not by winning the lottery, but by donating every dime we ever had? Perhaps not by worrying about tomorrow but by leaving our fears behind? Perhaps not by following convention, but rather by living life against the grain or taking the path less travelled by? Perhaps not by thinking of our own interests, but by forgiving our enemies?

Who would have thought you'd hear echoes of the gospels in the lyrics of Nickelback?

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  1. I actually find myself challenged and encouraged quite a bit by lyrics in certain secular songs. Amidst all the rubbish - there are some real gems.
    Thank you for this post, I enjoyed the read :)