Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Is religion bad for women?

 In the light of the discussion a few posts below, I was interested to listen to this item debating  the question Is religion bad for women?  during Women's Hour on Radio 4. Is religious ideology largely a male construct or have women always appropriated and indeed had a key role within religious traditions? Do religions control and subjugate women or is the whole picture more complex than this? A brief but thought provoking exchange of views here.
On the theme of the post below, I noticed that Philomena Ewing  had posted a link to BBC Radio 2 discussion of "What has religion ever done for women" on Blue Eyed Ennis. The article is an hour long but worth listening to for its range and variety of perspectives, even if it does play too many Dolly Partonesque type songs!


  1. I've had difficulty leaving a comment - tried several times. This looks interesting and timely.

    Thanks and Blessings

  2. Thanks, sorry you've had trouble with comments though.

  3. I have no objection to women becoming Trappist nuns.