Saturday, 17 September 2011

I'm sorry I am a Christian!

Does anyone else ever want to apologise - or at least explain?


  1. Very Good!! I was only pondering as I tidied the house this morning (always clean the house from top to bottom on the day we leave for a a holiday - can't stand coming home to a dirty house!) that so much of what we see as 'Christian' is in fact just cultural -moreover a good portion of what we like to see as 'God's Will' is in fact a subtle and acceptable form of selfishness.

    This clip coloured in the spaces between the lines of that thinking - 'God must have led you to post this video for me...' (have you heard people say things like that in church fellowships? - whose centre stage in such a way of thinking... I'm too modest and humble to guess...)


  2. I nearly posted a video that a friend put on Youtube, it is full of toe curlingly embarrassing clips of TV evangelists. One of the clips is of some women's ministry (to women of course!) and is all about how if you get grumpy while doing the laundry this may be a sign that you are not focused on God. It then tells you how you can turn your chores into a "rich harvest for the Lord."
    I am so glad this poem "spoke to your heart", I am sure it is part of God's "plan for your life":)
    Enjoy your holiday - ( I thought you'd already gone!)