Saturday, 17 September 2011

Gay marriage

 I've had a pretty busy day, we are having the kitchen done and one of the things we did today was to pay a visit to walk the dog - who is in kennels for a fortnight to keep her out of the way of the building work. I also had my first set of marking to complete. Somehow I managed to miss the news that  the UK Government intends to introduce gay marriage by 2015 until just a few moments ago.
Anyone who knows me at all well will know that I am in favour of this move. I believe it is what you do with your sexuality, not what your sexuality is, that counts. I also believe it is the exclusive love and commitment between two people that makes a marriage, not the gender of the participants. I have friends that I know are waiting for this change in legislation before they formalise a personal commitment, and I am glad for them at this news. However, I also know people who believe that marriage is exclusively a relationship between a man and a woman, I do to some extent feel for them. I hope that they will have the grace to accept that just because we have strongly held convictions does not always mean we should impose those upon others, or speak out bitterly against something which has deemed to be a legal and human right.
I don't think in the UK we will see quite the same expressions of anger and hatred on both sides that were seen in the US over Proposition 8. I hope any Christians who speak out, either  for or against, will choose their words with care  and remember that they are not just talking about an "issue" but about people.


  1. Well said Sue. As ever, a carefully balanced and even handed look at a contentious issue.
    Like you, I believe it is not what you are, but how you are that matters.
    The more the differences of race, sexuality, and religion are 'pointed up', the more prejudiced the intolerant become.
    Personally I maintain that I like and approve of some people and dislike and disapprove of others, regardless of their "otherness".

  2. I am utterly SHOCKED and HORRIFIED by what you have just written. No wonder our nation is in moral decline when a lovable girl like Bessie is pushed out of her OWN HOUSE to enable you to build a kitchen in which your husband cooks the dinner. I believe in traditional Family Life and Marriage. There is no reason why Bessie couldn't have been given a hammer and nails to help, instead of being banished into canine exile. I wouldn't treat even an evangelical in such an unbiblical manner. No wonder Family Life has collapsed in sin and debauchery.

  3. Whatever we think on this matter - the comment that it is not about an issue but about people is very important. There is no Us and Them in the Kingdom of God and certainly no 'Issues'

  4. Thank you, Eric. A gracious thought and comment.