Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Gentle wisdom

Peter from Faith is not the same as religion inspired this post! I hope nobody is offended a little humour in these circumstances:)


  1. While unwilling to be seen to be condoning such a very violent course of action, and after considered thought, I would just like to offer the loan of several pairs of very sharp secateurs which have seen little action recently.
    Good one Sue.

  2. In remembrance of Comedy Past - 'Not The Nine O' Clock News' around at the time of the '81 riots in Toxteth and Moss Side - I was going to post a picture of a welcoming hearth and superimpose the caption: 'Come home to a real fire... Buy a flat in Tottenham...' But thought it would be in bad taste...

    The Not the Nine O'Clock news connection being at the time British Coal (ah remember nationalised industries!) ran a TV ad encouraging people to switch back to coal, with the slogan 'come home to a real fire'. About the same time Welsh nationalists were setting fire to holiday cottages owned by English people and so Not the Nine O'Clock News ran the same advert, but with the voice over saying: 'Come home to a real fire... Buy a cottage in Wales...'

    I know, I know, sick humour, but it made me smile.


  3. Ray is very caring and humane - offering sharp secateurs; personally I would prefer using blunt secateurs, partcularly ones that have those nicks in the blades from when you use them for things they are not designed for (cutting 30amp wire springs to mind). Or perhaps forget about the secateurs and just use two bricks...

  4. Shall I tweet asking the big society to provide suitable implements sharpened or bluntened according to their level of compassion? :)

  5. Loved both the video and the comments. May I add my dogs teeth to the collection of not so sharp instruments

  6. Thanks Jean, I've also had a look at your blog and will comment when I am not experiencing the internet problems we currently have ( it is just very slow!)