Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Big society?

Like everyone I've been watching the disgraceful scenes of rioting and looting unfold in London and in other cities across the UK last night. I think it is a little too early to say too much , there is likely to be a number of contributing factors and the media is already speculating about the possible causes and implications. Given the clear disaffection and petty mindlessness of much of the violence and looting, my main thought this morning has been the irony of Cameron's much vaunted vision of the big society!


  1. Suem

    Yes, like you, I think it is too early to say much on this. I was talking to a friend a few minutes ago who works in Parliament and he was saying they are to be recalled for Thursday.

    Personally I am not one for the love-dovey approach - water cannon, rubber bullets, teargas and a hard and punitive clamp down is what is needed. You can sit back and bleat about social inequality later - Cameron HAS to be TOUGH. Society exists on good will - there is nothing to stop any of us just walking into a shop and taking what we want; once certainly scummy elements in society realise that the police can't everywhere at once, it is an open invitation for people to help themselves.

    I also think the opening up of a few internment camps would be a good idea – one of the old RAF or USAF bases in the wilds of Northumberland or Sutherland... Chain gangs, the return of the stocks, birching... All these ideas warm the cockles of my heart. I was born and bred on a sink estate, left school without any qualifications and lived with the direct effects of Thatcher’s decision to allow the north of England’s manufacturing centres to rot – yet didn’t go rampaging and steeling. I took a job wiping up shit in old people’s homes and then – when I realised I wasn’t as dim as I thought I was – worked hard to get myself an education and a relatively good job. If I can do it (and there is nothing particularly special about me, save I am apt to rather lazy) I don’t see why others can’t. But then at least I was prepared to make myself employable – rather than locking myself in a materialistic sub-culture, devoid of thought for another human being unless s/he was a ‘homie’, and limiting my vocabulary to ‘init’ ‘know-what-a-mean?’ and ‘s’not my fault, man’.

    I might have worked as a social worker for many years, but like many social workers (despite the Right-Wing media’s smear of the profession) what I believe really helps people is a kick up the arse and self reliance! Hopefully Mr Cameron will see this too!


  2. As a devout evangelical, my inspiration is always Rev Julian Mann who wishes to re-introduce hanging - in Jesus' loving Name. It is time to birch and hang all sinners, looters and other homos to show how the Gospel works. Jesus said "turn the other cheek" But God's Word is for cissies. We happy-clappys like to hear the noise of the birch and nails being knocked into people's hands. If it was good enough for Jesus it's appropriate for looters and poofs. Hang 'em all!