Saturday, 23 July 2011

Twelth Night

I've been pretty busy recently! First of all there was  the end of term, then Synod, followed by the retreat, and then Mr M had his first real full day back at work today and I actually had to cook the evening meal!  But you will all be glad to hear that I am still finding time to enjoy the summer holiday ( I can actually sense the sympathy vote may not be that high...) and we made a good start by attending an open air performance of Twelth Night at Gawsworth Hall last night. It was a really enjoyable evening, the setting is really beautiful and the performance was excellent. We had a chance to catch up again  with the good  friends  that we went with and, to cap it all, they brought some wine and it didn't even rain!

We are planning to go and see the final episode of Harry Potter tomorrow, very exciting as The Deathly Hallows is my favourite and  I have loved all the books and films (don't expect any intellectual snobbery about them from me) - we will also be going on holiday soon.
In spite of all the rain we seem to be having I am still feeling pretty good! Hey ho!


  1. I’m glad you don’t have idle hands – you know what that results in! It is a good bit of fun, Twelfth Night – the last production I saw was an all male production at The Globe at Southwark. We’re off to see Ibsen’s ‘Emperor and Galilean’ at the National tonight. In fact we’re being very cultured over the night six weeks, with several Proms booked too (for several years I used to get a Proms’ season ticket – but now we just pick what we want to hear and listen to the rest on BBC i-Player). A holiday... Yes I remember those... We will probably manage a week in a holiday cottage (I hate hotels) end of season – not sure where, perhaps Anglesey again (as last year); but we’ve been looking at some in Northumberland, but the ones we’ve looked at so far have all been a bit crappy.

    Have a restful weekend!


  2. Glad you're enjoying your holiday, sue and the twelfth Night sounds super. Another great Harry Potter fan here, though I will admit to preferring the books :-)

  3. Nice to have you back, and still nicer for you to have had a bit of holiday,
    I looked at the link to Gawsworth hall and it looks amazing, such a lovely night out I'm sure.
    Any way looking foward to what you'll be blogging next....Jo