Friday, 3 June 2011

Women Bishops

An article from The Church Times ( open for a while to non subscribers) speculating on what the Code of Practice is likely to look like.
Even though it is half term week, I have been struggling to find time to blog alongside the competing demands of the house. We are trying to redecorate the study and tackle the garden which is currently overgrown and unkempt due to a full time house husband who is not a keen gardener! I am aiming to find some blog time very soon...


  1. It sounds very much to me as though nothing has changed. A few words have been re-shuffled, but the basic issue remains as it has been for ages.
    Correct me if I am misreading the current situation - I am, after all a novice in these matters - and may have failed to pick up on some new thinking.

  2. A Code of Practice is essential on biblical grounds. No house husband should be allowed near a garden. Such oversight rightly belongs to women who God designed to push a lawn mower.

  3. I haven't been keeping up with it as much as I should recently, Ray - so busy! I would rather a Code of Practice than the other stuff. Have to say it is still not looking like equality though!

  4. We have a Code of Practice for our household to which we rigidly adhere Fr Carte.