Sunday, 19 June 2011

Love Divine

Perfect for a Sunday evening, especially for anyone who is rather partial to evensong:)


  1. Dear 'Suem'
    thanks for the post,
    I often check into your space...and find things to think about..
    (and by way of commenters,a different view on the big wide world and what's happening.)
    Strange this hymn triggered quite an emotional response for me...I felt a bit sad.
    It's something that was sung at my wedding about 25 years ago.
    I'm now divorced and have just passed the aniversary of my seperation 4 years ago.( that's another story, and it's fine).
    Funny how some aniversaries creep up and you don't realise there is still emotion buried deep in the event.
    Any way that all sounds a bit dramatic...It's not meant to ,it just highlights the crazy swirl of what we experience as life.

    Thanks for all your passion and dedication I appreciate your perspective.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Jo, it is nice to "meet" you. I am sorry the hymn gave you some sad thoughts and feelings about your divorce though. Strange how music can mark out certain events in our lives and make us think about all the change life brings :)