Thursday, 12 May 2011

Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality bill update

 It appears that Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality bill, calling for the death penalty for homosexual acts may not have been dropped from the order papers as suggested. The reports are rather confusing, but it seems that the bill might be debated and possibly pushed through tomorrow.  I received an email about this only a short while ago and somehow I have managed to delete the email! It outlined the situation and asked readers not to sign a petition but to phone their Head of State directly. I think the action was intended to get attention by swamping the phone lines.  I did phone several of the suggested numbers and in the end spoke to someone in the Foreign Office, she then directed me to website, where I could apparently leave an email!  I am never sure how much difference this type of action makes; I still did it anyway.
I have blogged on this bill before, and, although I have not blogged on this over the last few days, I have to say that I found the Church of England's official response, via Rowan Williams, rather lacking in conviction - but maybe that is just me?

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