Saturday, 7 May 2011

That uncomfortable feeling

I have to say that I was rather amused by this parody of Rowan William's statement on Bin Laden's death on NewsBiscuit. However, I am still of the opinion that I would rather have a bearded woolly liberal expressing his "discomfort" than some of the "GOTCHA" responses seen from other quarters. Undisguised exultation as a supposedly Christian reaction leaves me with feelings of profound discomfort as well.
 A lot of what Rowan William's says is quite nuanced, as a result, like many liberal intellectuals, he can suffer from misleading media representations ( remember the Shariah stuff?) as well as causing extreme reactions in evangelicals who are too dim to understand the idea of a conceptual response (miaaow...) It does occur to me that if we really want an Archbishop who is intelligent but will  still manage to say sensible and appropriate things to the press, then it is high time to appoint a woman...


  1. Hear, hear, Sue! Shall we start a short-list? :-)

  2. Preferably without a beard!

  3. I suppose a female bishop would be a start.
    I think any facial hair would at the very least have to be less noticeable than RW's!

  4. I know you are man enough to take the truth, Derek ;)
    Or did you mean my comment about the desirability of a reduction in facial hair was sexist?

    ( SO hard to be PC nowadays!)