Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lutheran Church blesses "non traditional communion of life".

 I seem to have only just picked up on the news that the Lutheran Church in Italy has sanctioned the blessing of homosexual unions. The blessing is also open to heterosexual couples in what was translated as a non- traditional communion of life ( I assume that means living together?) The Church says it is distinct from marriage (obviously) but it is clearly the church giving its approval to sexual relationships outside of marriage. The Lutheran Church says this is:  “A decision rising from listening to God’s Word and from observation of society”, an attitude which seems nicely balanced to me, but which some see as the church  changing the construction of marriage and adapting itself to the times rather than upholding an eternal truth about marriage - though how anyone can think that exists given the multiplicity of models seen throughout human history and in the bible, I do wonder...

I did have to smile though as I couldn't quite imagine anyone saying, "We're not married, but we are in a non traditional communion of life."

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  1. "One small step" for the church do you think.?
    No, neither do I, but it does at least hold out some hope for those currently 'beyond the pail'