Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Kirk decides

 Yesterday saw significant moves towards the acceptance of  clergy openly in same sex relationships in the Church of Scotland. The General Assembly voted to "allow the induction into pastoral charges of ministers and deacons ordained before May 2009 who are in a same-sex relationship", though there are some concerns about potential problems this cut off point may raise. The Kirk has also voted to reconsider the moratorium again in 2013 and also to consider the blessing of the relationship of persons in committed, life long same sex relationships. It is not the case that the Kirk is allowing the ordination of gay and lesbian priests, but this ruling is likely to pave the way to that decision. Some Church of Scotland churches  and individuals will be celebrating, others will not. Reports claimed that ten percent of ministers said they would leave the Kirk in the event of acceptance of LGBT priests, but then five percent said they would leave given the opposite decision! Some say this will tear apart the Kirk, but I have a feeling they will weather it. Watch this space!

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