Saturday, 7 May 2011

In blog we trust

Yes, I know it is a terrible post title, but perhaps not  much worse than "Go forth and blog" - the title of this article about a recent blogging conference hosted by the Vatican. The Roman Catholic Church has decided it needs to engage more with the modern world (hmmmm) and reach out to people using modern media.  There were 750 applicants, but only 150 could be accommodated. Archbishop Claudio Celli, president of Pontifical Council for Social Communications, welcomed the chosen bloggers to the Vatican and told them the Vatican wanted to begin “a dialogue between faith and the emerging culture” that is the blogosphere.The organisers were very keen to emphasise that this is not an attempt to control blogging, but to facilitate and aid communication whilst the initiative remained very much with the bloggers.
You can read a little about the proceedings on the fantastic blog Blue Eyed Ennis. Wouldn't it be fun if the Church of England were to follow suit?


  1. I'm always impressed with just how savvy the Catholic Church is. This was a fantastic initiative and applauded by all who attended.

    I've advocated other denominations following suit. It's about time the mainstream media fed off Christian blogs relating to our church, rather than the other way around.

    That's not to say that bloggers should lose autonomy, however, we should be valued and utilised by the church hierarchy.

    I'm attending a brand new Catholic Guild of bloggers meet this morning in London - Westminster Cathedral to be presise - and the hierarchy have already expressed an interest to be kept informed of developments.

  2. Thanks for the link Sue !
    It truly was a great day and I hope that there are follow ups !

  3. Church Mouse agrees with you, I think the issue is that one of Roman Catholicism's core tenets is its belief in the Magisterium of its own apostolic history, core teachings, & Papal authority. (Whether it is entitled to that belief is a different matter....)Therefore the Roman church has a stake in spreading its vision, or rather Benedict XIV's vision, of being church via blogs. By contrast the CofE has an operating church theology stitched together from Catholicism & Reformed theology so any attempt to promote a generic Anglicanism is doomed.
    "Vic The Vicar" & "The Ugley Vicar" toe a very different line from Madpriest or yourself!

  4. Hi Stuart - yes, I noticed your post and was very interested.
    Thanks for commenting, Philomena. Glad you were OK with the link.
    Derek - don't think the Ugley one and I could be further apart! Having said that, there is a huge range among Catholic bloggers.