Thursday, 26 May 2011

Church behaving badly

 It is quite interesting to read the leaked account by the late Rev Colin Slee of the shouting and tears as well as the cowardice, hypocrisy, dishonesty of the House of Bishops. Another Colin, the Rev Coward on the Changing Attitude blog writes of this week's reported meeting of the bishops to discuss gay priests. Colin Coward expresses his anger with the church (Slee's family feel his anger and distress may have contributed to his cancer)  and with the cowardice of those who play the "don't- ask- don't tell- bloody- well- know- but -don't- say- anything-and-let's-hang-the-honest-out-to-dry" approach. We knew a lot of it and could have guessed most of it, although it is hardly edifying to read about that sort of behaviour in print.
The attitude of the Church strikes me as so desperately childish; while everyone around them grows up, they play game of make pretend. More people in senior positions in the Church  must have the courage of their convictions, otherwise we are stuck with the status quo until they die off and are replaced by a younger generation.
Slee used the word "nuclear" about the revelations, and Coward picks up on it. All I can say is that if the end is coming for the Church, it feels less like a bang than a whimper.


  1. Wow - powerful post.

    I hope it is not the end for the Church but agree with everything you have said.

    It reminds me of a quote on Church History by Oz Guiness. He once said,

    "Three times in history, the church has gone to the dogs - and each time the dog died, not the church"

    I pray for the day when the 'dog' of homophobia and prejudice will die.

    God Bless, Benny

  2. I don't think the church is coming to an end! I said "if" it is it feels more like a whimper - ie it may die out, it won't implode! But I think a younger generation will come along and make all this look frankly silly and wrong in decades to come.

  3. That is me above - still only lets me be anon!

  4. Archbishop Rowan needs to repent or resign-- immediately would be best (to show honest intentions for a change)-- the Anglican Covenant is dead...long live transparency and truth!

  5. Great post, Sue. I get so very tired of the tail (whether homophobia, anti-women or whatever) so successfully managing to wag the dog of the Church time after time.

  6. Before I was ordained, no one asked me about my rampant sex life. I DEMAND to be interrogated by a Bishop about any illicit nookie. I feel totally ignored.

  7. But when is your blog going to return, Fr Orson? It is sadly missed and greatly needed.