Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Church and the Masons

 Quite a few people have been getting upset over the news that Rowan Williams has apparently approved the Rev Jonathan Baker  to become a bishop despite the fact he is a free mason (although has now said he will be leaving the organisation so it does not interfere with his role.) I don't know a lot about the Masons, what I do know I can't say I approve of. I was quite amused to find that a description of Freemasonry as,

" a secretive male-only organisation...which requires its members to declare a belief in a “supreme being” and to undergo elaborate rituals."

Goodness, nothing like any part of the Church then!


  1. I NEVER role up my trousers when saying mass - even though people can't see my gorgeous legs under my lovely lace alb.

  2. Hopefully neither secretive, nor male-only, and from what I've seen in the years, often the belief in a supreme being is optional. Agree about the elaborate rituals though, they seem to be the main thing.

  3. They also dress up in silly clothes while performing obscure ceremonies which baffle outsiders ...

    So you are exactly right!