Monday, 25 April 2011

Surprised by Joy

A report here on what sounds to be a lovely Easter sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury. I love to see genuine joy in people at Easter, or indeed at any time. I agree that a part of faith is to be open to it and that it can come at the most surprising times and in the most unexpected circumstances.
"The Christian, the Archbishop said, was not someone who had accepted a particular set of theories about the universe but someone who “lived by the power of the joy that is laid bare in the event of the resurrection of Jesus”.

“Ultimately, joy is about discovering that the world is more than you ever suspected, and so that you yourself are more than you suspected."
“The joy of the resurrection has a unique place in Christian faith and imagination because this event breaks open the shell of the world we thought we knew and projects us into the new and mysterious realm in which victorious mercy and inexhaustible love make the rules."

And he also wrote this lovely letter from God. Fantastic! Let's hope Rowan Williams and the Anglican Communion can  find a way to be governed by joy and love more than by fear and division.


  1. It is typical of a liberal Archbishop who crticises those with "a glib and dishonest cheerfulness". We happy-clappys are known to grin all the time. There is no one more happy than a miserable evangelical who loves to joyfully condemn all homos.

  2. I wish the Church really showed "inexhaustible love" though!