Monday, 4 April 2011

Religions of the book

Religious fundamentalism, of whatever ilk, shows us all that is worst in human nature, an ignorance, insensitivity and cruelty that inhabits its own closed system and is often deaf and blind to reason or compassion. I quite like this little video, which points out the irony that Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all religions of the book and share much of their sacred texts in common.

Sacred texts are dangerous things in hateful hands. As we have seen in the last few days people will not only die for the ideas within their holy texts, but kill for those ideas as well. Even when we do not kill, some of the ideas in sacred texts, when not seen in context and interpreted through the lens of sense and humanity, can cause great misery in people's lives. Fundamentalism relies on its holy texts to provide a mandate for its hatred and cruelty. We should all recognise that the holy texts of all religions need to be handled with care.

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  1. There is no god. The texts are the problem; they're a shared legacy of ignorance and stupidity and obedience. The idea of the sacred is deadly; the intolerance is only a manifestation of the inherent foolishness of the idea of a "holy" book.