Saturday, 16 April 2011

Manawa o te Wheke rejects Covenant

Manawa o te Wheke Diocesan Synod in the province of Aotearoa- New Zealand and Polynesia  has unanimously rejected the Anglican Covenant; it is the first diocese to vote on the matter. I have to admit that, despite reading and commenting on a number of ACANZP blogs ( Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia), I know very little about the attitudes and approach to the Covenant in this province and had thought it was somewhat conservative.
Incidentally, I was referred to as a "Covenant denier" (along with others) on such a blog just this last week  by someone for whom I have a lot of respect, the connotations of the term, and the fact that we might start inventing labels and insults around a document intended to bring us together, did take me aback.
Speaking of bridges, let's remember how important our language is. Even when we strongly disagree it is unhelpful to invent terms, or  make sweeping assumptions or imputations on either side.

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  1. surely that just helps to show that such a document or covenant is not worth its paper, but at least it has kept some busy for a while