Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Humanly speaking

Further to the post below, we don't expect certain people to swear do we? Like Kings or vicars (ha ha ha ha! How funny is that, huh?) or - Jesus? I am not meaning to cause offence, but if Jesus was fully human, did he swear eg, "fucking Pharisees", or even, "sod it -  crucifixion tomorrow!"? Of course, there are lots of other problems which arise around the concept of Christ as fully human and fully divine, not least whether this is possible, or whether you personally believe in Christ's divinity.
 One of the things I heard touched on in a sermon this week was whether Jesus had doubts about his own divinity, whether he would have been confident that he would rise again, or whether in the Garden of Gethsemene he wondered how far all of his perception of God's will for him and his identity was an illusion.
How human was Jesus?


  1. Looking at the religious imagery that is around - here I am particularly drawn to the memory of a sentimental picture of a very Arian looking Christ, above the 'holy table' of St George's, Leeds (its benefice is Simeon Trust - as so no altars or candles!!) - I think many people would be shocked at what the real Joshua Ben Yusef would have looked like in the flesh. 5'5", bad teeth, bad breath, body odour that could burn your nose hairs, lice and (tho’ not apparent on first impressions) bowel parasites are pretty definite, as that was the way for everyone in Palestine at the time. Given he came (rather awkwardly, for the Gospel authors, trying to convince their Jewish audience he was the Messiah - hence the fairy stories of the nativity) from Nazareth, he probably spoke with a bumpkin accent and was regarded as very lowly to many who saw him.

    I think all these things are to his advantage. If such a man was to appear at St G’s on a Sunday nowadays he’d probably be ushered off to the church’s homeless centre in its crypt. Smelly uncouth people have never been a favourite at Sunday church in Britain... Which just goes to show really...


  2. I've thought about Jesus ministering to the smelly, uncouth and lice ridden, never really thought of him that way - but he would be, wouldn't he?