Thursday, 7 April 2011

Has made a good start...

I was quite pleased to see another mention on Lesley's blog this week. Lesley very kindly submitted this blog to the Wiki UK religious blog rankings on my behalf last month. Now, I don't really understand about the rankings seeing as I am  a woman (ha ha, only joking darlings...) but it is always nice to get a mention in a postive context and at number 64 I was reasonably proud, especially as there was a little arrow next to the blog title and the legend "going up."
The whole thing vaguely reminded me of my school reports. Do you remember back in the days when teachers were allowed to be ridicule you using sarcasm or worse and the school reports mercilessly gave you a class ranking? The self same person was always first in the class (that would be Church Mouse then) and a few hopefuls jockeyed for second and third positions. Presumably some poor soul was almost always 39 or 40 out of 40 and is now attending the low self esteem class. (None of those jokes about "please use the back door" now.)
It might be nice if Wiki rankings could introduce evaluations along the "tries hard, lacks ability" line. We have a wonderful collection of report comments in our family including Mr. M's mathematics teacher, "teaching M Mathematics is a singularly unrewarding occupation", which I would personally have prefered to the more kindly intentioned, "Sue is an aimable student who struggles with numbers" - which patently meant "nice but dim."
So,  "excellent progress","must try harder", "room for improvement" or even "insolent oaf." The main thing at the end of the day is that you know who you are...


  1. I got similarly unpromising comments from maths teachers at school. I still struggle to remember numbers. As to how Wikio makes it calculations - a complete mystery to me. All the same - well done for being at No. 64 in UK Religion and Belief catergory. Feel pleased! But, as you say it's knowing who you are that matters.

  2. LOL!! Well you are doing better than me I'm at 74! and I tried 'really' hard this month, only to go up 2 places... grrr...
    My husband always tells me his favourite comment on a school report was when his Geography teacher wrote about him: 'Philip seems to get the best possible results with the minimum amount of effort'.. he was very proud!!

  3. I would place you higher, Red, you are on my blog list. There was something from Mad Priest (I think) on Lesley's blog comments, the process didn't sound too scientific!
    (PS: A bit challenged with my Maths, but I got good grades waffling on in English Lit...)