Sunday, 27 March 2011

Warning: your faith could make you fat!

According to an American study, going to church can make you fat. Now there are some reasons put forward, such as blaming it on all the social gatherings, your average Church barbeque can rack up 3,000 calories per person, but I am not terribly convinced. There's all that fasting Christians do for a start - you are all fasting aren't you? It is Lent, you know :)  I also suspect that  secular folks also socialise and snack on biscuits, and staying in bed on a Sunday morning rather than hoofing it to the local place of worship can't be  calorie burning - though I suppose it does depend what you do while you stay in bed...
Anyway, for anyone whose congregation is looking a bit porky a short aerobic workout at the start of every service should get the faithful to limber up fast. Come on now, let's have a little enthusiasm...


  1. You demonstrate - we'll follow. Well some of us may!

  2. I reckon we used up a lot of our excess calories just keeping warm in church this past winter, Sue. Moving stacking chairs and Go-pak tables for coffee in the church hall also takes care of a few :-)