Sunday, 6 March 2011

Visions of Glory

An interesting post from Lesley's Bernwode blog in which she outlines the similarities between the transfiguration and the crucifixion. The sermon at church today looked at the fact that the disciples were told not to speak of the transfiguration, and also that although it must have made a powerful impression on Peter it did not stop him from feeling fear, from losing heart, from running away and betraying Jesus. Our own personal moments of transfiguration are similar, firstly we do not perhaps fully understand them, secondly, although we may feel inspired and awe struck when experiencing them, they can fade and even be forgotten in the humdrum reality of life.

The disciples are also told not to tell people about the transfiguration, perhaps because life and faith is not about the miraculous, dramatic, awe inspiring, but  more about the ordinary, the humdrum, human relationships, suffering, failure,  rather than visions of saints. Perhaps Jesus did not want people to seek for him so much in grand visions up mountains, but in quiet moments, mending the fishing nets, or walking on a long road. I think we do need our moments of transfiguration, but  they are better and more authentic when kept private and pondered in our own hearts and minds when we are trying to make sense of it all or to find the strength to carry on.

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