Saturday, 12 February 2011

Transgender kids and their families

A friend sent me this clip which is about the way in which, given a greater knowledge and understanding of  gender dysphoria, children are enabled to live in the gender they feel they are at earlier and earlier ages. I have one fairly close transgendered friend and have met and spoken to several other people who are transgendered through my involvement in  organisations such as Changing Attitude and Inclusive Church.

Another couple that I know foster children and has just been assigned a transgendered pre teen, whom they have been told to support and affirm as being of their non biological gender (I am not going to give too many details here as it is a real case and in this country.)

 I have to confess that my instinctive reaction is to be uneasy about the extent to which a young child has enough self knowledge to know their gender. Looking at my own childhood, I don't consciously remember even thinking about or being very aware of my gender at two or three or four  or even older - but then if my gender identity had not matched my biological gender, maybe I would have been aware?

I am very much of the view that the experts in such issues are those who are affected - and their families - more so  than even doctors and consultants. That is why, when I hear lived experience, like that in this video, I just listen, absorb and understand how limited my knowledge is.

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