Friday, 4 February 2011

Peace broke out!

Well, the Primates meeting is over and done with and the remarkable news is that, in the absence of their unhappy brethren, the assembled primates lit a candle in respect and got on with business. Nobody shut the PB out of a room or voted her off the island, in fact, in spite of their differing opinions they behaved remarkably like grown ups.

 The  fact that the meeting was harmonious and productive has been seen as scandalous by several conservative commentators. The thought of a group of Christians able to get on without tearing each other to shreds over the issue of human sexuality has been described as "dull" and " a comfort zone", not to mention "the end of the communion."

Funny old world, isn't it? Perhaps those who are disatisfied with the harmony might benefit from the kind of service below? The argument featured is a little more edifiying than some of the ones we hear in the church.


  1. Love it - and especially with the Monty Python attachment (but that might be me just showing my age!)

    The same thoughts went through my mind as I read the Church Times yesterday.

    Thank you Sue

  2. I don't like the Anglican Communion when people aren't hating each other.

  3. Indeed! And wouldn't it be boring without all the weirdos?( good job we're normal Fr Carte.)