Thursday, 24 February 2011

Natural beauty

 We drove over to the Goyt Valley today and walked Bessie along the reservoir. It was such a lovely day and the colours and the light were amazing. I am sometimes tempted by the thought of living in  a city, because I would like to be closer to where things are happening, then we have a day like today and I am so glad to live so close to so many beautiful places where I can walk and look and feel close to God.

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  1. Sue

    Yes, this is a beautiful scene. It is ironic given what you have said about living in cities, that as I made my way into London today, it was one of those wonderful, end of winter, hint of spring days, where weak sunshine bathes the streets in sepia light. What seemed endless weeks of living in a pewter grey world is ended and the hope of a summer yet to come quickens the heart. I made my way to college from City Thameslink station, at the foot of Ludgate Hill, along Fleet Street, to my college, on the Strand, next to (indeed part of) Somerset House. I thought to myself how much I love London and that so often I forget how lucky I am to be here.

    A few weeks ago, I was waiting outside a lecture theatre, waiting for it come free, along with several early bird undergrads who were there for the lecture I was assisting in giving. One of them mentioned how that morning as she made her way through Covent Garden on her way to college, she had thought how lucky she was to be living and studying in London. It reminded me of when I worked as social worker in the West End, ten years earlier, and spent much of my working week traipsing around the streets of Soho and Marylebone loving the uniqueness of my job (it has given me a knowledge of central London that few but a cabbie or policeman could beat!).

    In November 2009, after fourteen years of living in north London we moved to Hertfordshire. Within five minutes of our front door are acres of woodland and green fields. For the first few weeks we lived in our new house I found it hard to sleep because it was too quiet! But the air is better for a chronic asthmatic like me, and instead of poky flat we have a modest (though still small) town house with a private, not-over-looked garden. Despite these advantages I find myself itching for my PhD to end and to be earning again so we can afford to move back to London! Yes, we’re only twenty-five minutes from King’s Cross and I am in London three or four days a week, but it is not the same as living in London. Am I mad? Perhaps green fields and hill walking (a regular hobby with my partner and I) are fine for holidays. I find London has a beauty of its own – a week in a nice holiday cottage in Cornwall, Wales, Ireland or the Highlands is great, yet from day five onwards I ache for London – I’ve even felt physically ill with homesickness. So I am afraid that although I love the above picture and would love to visit where it was taken, I doubt very much I would like to stay there for more than a few days – give me noise, give me crowded tubes, give me rude people I can be rude back to, let me bully tourists who stand on the left of the escalators, let me enjoy the vibrancy that is perhaps nothing more than a collective neurosis! I don’t care, it’s my home.