Thursday, 24 February 2011

Food Waste!

Mr M loves to cook, he also loves to shop for food, and this can lead to problems. He tends to buy products such as tins and jars, especially those on special offer, as a back up (or for when I cook...) but because he likes to cook from scratch they don't always get used up. I decided to tackle the groaning cupboards yesterday and discovered a lot of products that were past their best before date, including a Dennis the Menace cake mix which went back to 2006. The roll of shame is actually worse than that pictured as I found more stuff out in the "storecupboards" in the garage.

It is a bit of a mystery how After Eight Mints or kit kats managed to go uneaten , I think it was because they were buried at the back of cupboards. Within a few minutes of putting the mints on the growing pile on the kitchen table they had been spotted and claimed by one of the boys. "Can I  have these? What all of them just for me - cool." Which just goes to show there is no excuse for anything to remain uneaten in our house.

The amount of food thrown away fom households, restaurants and supermarkets is criminal in my view and I am trying to do is to reduce our food waste to a minimum. This is actually quite hard to do, though it should be much easier with one of us full time at home. There are some great tips on the wonderful Love Food, Hate Waste site which advises writing meal plans, checking those use by and best before dates and being prepared to use what is available in a creative way, rather than just reaching for tried and tested. I love the clip below where Sue Perkins looks in her freezer and unearths some Jurassic remains. I haven't looked in ours yet; I don't think I dare!


  1. Perhaps you could appoint a sorter-outer son to keep an eye on the best-before dates. (reward him with After Eights if necessary.
    I too deplore any waste of food - in fact I'm mildly paranoid about it. (See my blog "waste not, want not" posted 10.11.10. on the very subject.
    I thought it was maybe just a generational foible - clearly not!

  2. Throw it all on the floor and let Bessie have it.

  3. That's an idea, Ray. I find it hard enought to get my sons to sort out their rooms and their homework though.

    I think Bessie must have emailed you with that suggestion, Fr Carte? She knows full well she is on a reducing diet comprising rice, or kibble, chicken and vegetables and no after dinner mints!

  4. I read your blog post and left a comment!

  5. One of the problems is that people change their plans for the evening after I've done my weekly shop and suddenly I'm left with too much food, the wrong food, not enough food...
    I've started daily shopping and find I waste a lot less now.

  6. Avoiding waste isn't easy. Now the After Eights are gone I miss them! Am contemplating buying a secret stash for own consumption:)