Monday, 7 February 2011

Finding God

I quite like T shirts with slogans such as, "I found Jesus, he was behind the sofa all the time". It could be seen as irreverent, but I think it is good to be irreverant sometimes and it can also make us think about what we mean when we say we  are looking for God or that someone is searching or that they have "found" God. The concept that  God also searches for us is also a powerful one, especially the biblical image of the shepherd who constantly seeks for his sheep.  The search of faith is often seen as a journey. I know that many people come to faith rather suddenly, they have a Damascene moment, a revelation or are "saved", but we have to keep on finding God or perhaps continue to let him find out us. Because God is ineffable we perhaps have to keep finding out new aspects of who and what he is.
 In Prince Caspian, Lucy meets Aslan again:

“Aslan,” said Lucy, “you’re bigger.”

“That is because you are older, little one,” answered he.
“Not because you are?”
“I am not. But every year you grow, you will find me bigger.”

Most things grow smaller as we grow larger, but God grows with us and he becomes less comprehensible - by the intellect - as we are able to comprehend more and more.

I don't know where you find God most?
In prayer?  In Church?  In those you help?  In those who help you?  In moments of Joy?  At times of pain? Within yourself?  In work? In the bible?  In poetry or music?  In Nature?  In Church?   In good company?    In solitude? In your mistakes? In your failures?  In your doubts? In your fears?  In your death?

Of course if God is manifest in all his creation we should be able to find him within every part of life and we should also see death as a meeting place where we discover how big God is - more so than we could have imagined. But sometimes we find him in the secular as much as the religious, in the small as well as the large, in the practical, everyday and mundane. Perhaps he was even behind the sofa all the time!


  1. In all of those and sometimes completely unexpectedly. Every Blessing

  2. Your sofa must be of a very different quality from mine. If God was really hiding there all the time, he certainly took a long time to make himself known to me.
    I had no epiphany (or if I did, failed to recognise it), but somehow or other he reached out and touched me when I was most in need of him, and the rest of my life will be a 'getting to know him' exercise.

  3. I've found the odd unexpected gift from God in the form of some loose change down the BACK of the sofa:)

  4. Inspired by your post I went to look behind the sofa. I found 2 squashed sultanas, a piece of lego and a stickle brick. These were dropped there by 2 or 3 of my grandchildren on Sunday. Tidying the objects up I felt a profound sense of gratitude for my family - so perhaps I did find Jesus beind the sofa after all.

  5. I was always amused by the prospect of people trying to "find themselves" in far-flung lands. What did they expect? "Wow - I was in the Himalayas all the time!"

  6. We also had our extended family and 3 small grandchildren with us on Saturday. I found a broken crayon, a crumpled drawing, some cake crumbs and some dinosaur wings dotted around the house and felt profoundly grateful that they've all gone home. I expect Jesus was hiding behind the sofa.

  7. Nancy, I carried on finding very old smarties for years.
    People never go somewhere dull to find themselves, do they Ed? If you "find yourself in Grimbsy", for example, it's usually just that your sat nav isn't working.

    That explains it Erika - the only place he can get some peace and quiet!I might join him.