Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Fundamental truths

 I was fascinated by this article, Putting the Fun in Fundamentalism by Theo Hobson which reports on the rise of Christian theme parks and museums in the USA. Britain is a much more secular nation that American and I have blogged before saying that I do appreciate the general freedom and tolerance that a secular society confers. I understand  that some christians feel their freedoms are curtailed and their views are not tolerated here, but I am not one of them, although I do deplore the arid and aggressive atheism we sometimes see in the public sphere.
Although I found Hobson's article fascinating, I do not see biblically inspired theme parks as quite as benign as he seems to. I have no major problem with theme parks that tell the bible stories, although I have some sympathy for the unfortunate offspring of any bible belter dragged off to such places so that it will instill biblical values, but it is the existence of places such as the Creation museum that chill my blood somewhat. I get a little Dawkins-like (just  a tad, now) when I hear of people treating Genesis as though it were a scientific text book and not a myth explaining creation and  the presence of good and evil in our world.
I get even more incensed when I feel that children are being taught such things as "science". Children deserve honest information, the facts and the truth. Creationists are guilty of deception and double think and that, especially when sold to the younger generation, really isn't fun.

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  1. Doesn't it give young-earthers pause for thought that Genesis gives two largely different accounts of Creation, one right after the other?