Thursday, 13 January 2011

Do dogs have souls? (Part eleven)

Martin Luther believed that dogs have souls, a theological insight which we are keen to develop at Significant Truths. I have blogged before on the link between the love of music and the possession of a soul. Tolstoy  indeed described music as “love in search of a voice” and Kurt Vonnegut opined that “The only proof needed for the existence of God is music.”

I hesitate to say whether this performance proves the existence of either Tucker's soul or a God, but I think he is a lovely dog and this clip is funny enough to get his rendition a feature on this blog!


  1. Lovely! Sounds like an X factor candidate but much better looking.
    Thanks for this, I love a late evening laugh.

  2. Didn't Thomas Aquinas also say that animals must have souls in order to be able to understand their environments?

    Great video!

  3. That hound sings better than any member of my church choir.

  4. I have been debating the issue of animals in heaven quite a lot really, coming from the viewpoint and belief that animals do have souls and therefore do go to heaven. I have been amazed how many christians feel differently but for me I just have to look at elephant and dolphins grieving, my own cat being extremely protective of me after a miscarriage and that's before I get into evolution and at what point "humans" became and gained the soul.