Friday, 31 December 2010

A light to lighten us all

For Christians the events that follow the Nativity should be as significant and meaningful as that event itself. The angel, it is true identifies Christ as coming for mankind, but Simeon makes this universality explicit when he identifies the child as a light to lighten the gentiles. The arrival of the wise men at Ephiphany also symbolises that Christ came for all peoples and cultures.

  It is worth noting that Christ's divinity is instinctively recognised and confidently proclaimed by prophet servants of both genders,  Simeon and Anna. The age of Simeon and Anna denotes their wisdom, but also their singleminded dedication waiting for prophecy to be fulfilled and the rewards of a life of service and ministry - surely to gaze upon the face of Christ.

In the days following Christ's birth into a culture full of barriers and divisions he is nonetheless recognised, worshipped and proclaimed by a diverse range of people.  Rich and poor, male and female, gentile and jew, learned and illiterate, saints and sinners; he came for all, with no exceptions!

(Above The Presentation in the Temple, and Simeon's canticle.)

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