Sunday, 5 December 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

We went to see this today, but our eldest declined on the grounds that he "had homework" which I took to mean that he has grown out of watching Harry Potter films since having homework never seems to stop him doing anything else he really wants to do! I have so many memories of reading the books to the boys while they were growing up, they used to snuggle up in bed with me and take it in turns to read a page each when they were little. And they were so excited to go and see the films or any films. I suspect my fourteen year old accompanied us today largely for old times sake.
The film was good though, much darker than the others. "Harry Potter has grown up" proclaimed one of the reviews - hmmmm, he's not the only one!


  1. Getting dizzy with your rapid changes of appearance. Like superwoman coming out of the 'phone box. ;-)

  2. Ha ha! You should see me deciding what to wear on an evening out!
    I have been meaning to update the look of the blog for a while now. I'm not very technical, but I did manage the snow (cheesy, I know.)

    So, do you like it - or does my bum look big in this colour?

  3. Love the new look. Love the cybersnow.

  4. Oh gosh, and I thought HP and the Half-Blood Prince was bad enough.