Thursday, 9 December 2010

Corrie as it used to be...

I stopped watching Coronation Street some years back due to lack of time (and now I am so boring that all I do is blog) but even I may have a sneaky look at the 50th anniversary episode on tonight. A colleague sent me this wonderful clip from the early days of Corrie featuring the first appearance of Ena Sharples. It is truly wonderful, a sort of Oscar Wilde meets Alan Bennett - if I am not being too fanciful- and the timing and delivery is spot on.
I love depictions of strong Northern women, in fact a few of my  female relatives and their friends from my childhood  could  fit the Ena Sharples  mould and wouldn't have thought the questions "Are you a widder woman?" and "What's your place of worship?" at all intrusive or personal. As for the phrase, "it's very bay window down there"...well, I'll leave you to enjoy...


  1. I NEVER watch Coronation Street. I don't need to. All of my Mothers' Union look like Ena Sharples.

  2. As a genuine bona fide northerner born within sniffing distance of the Granada studios, I swear allegience to this noble enterprise. My nan and the women on our street are and were always perfectly depicted in Coronation Street (as us purists like to call it) - Gawd Blessem

    Incidentally, my mum say next to Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre) at school.