Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Beer and Bessie

There is nothing Bessie likes more, especially in this cold wintry weather, than to take me down the pub for a companionable pint of ale.
That's why I was delighted to hear that the Horse and Jockey pub in Chorlton, South Manchester has won the Kennel Club award as 2010 most dog friendly pub. And this award is well deserved. Although Bessie and I only manage a trip there on rare occasions, she has a very good canine friend who is a regular and sings (barks?) its praises. The Horse and Jockey is not only inclusive of dogs, it also serves a lovely pint of doggie ale and this year hosted a dogs and owners Halloween party.
Last year I treated Bessie to a "bible believing dog T shirt", but this year she has requested a crate of real doggie ale.
I have no problems with this particular present, but I have warned her not to over indulge as in the picture below!

(No Bessies were harmed while making this blog post...)


  1. Canine binge drinking is becoming an increasing problem in this wicked world. Dog beer is far too cheap. My own English Springer, Milly, comes home drunk every night. I have threatened to stop her supply of Pig's Ears unless she sobers up. My parishioners are horrified there's a female slag living in the Vicarage.

  2. You could have at least given her a glass.

    What's the doggy brew like? Dont't say you haven't tried it!

  3. Yum, yum Cymraeg!

    I know, I know Fr Orsen Carte. She keeps buying these huge crates from Tesco on special offer.

  4. That is so funny. A jesus loves you t'shirt for a dog. Oh dear. Can the dogs walk home after a pint? do you find people with dogs for the blind in that pub?

  5. I expect blind people prefer their guides sober. You can get Jesus loves you T shirts for dogs!

  6. I wish I had known about this way before, much earlier this year, when I did my >"The Christian Dog-Walkers Club" blog post.

    But now, after long thought, I know what to do and say here. I am going to send Besse a dog t-shirt emblazoned with, "Thou Shalt Not Judge Jethro Tull By Iron Maiden", and another one, "Thou Shalt Not Equal Jethro Tull With -- ffs -- Iron Maiden", and I hope then Bessie will lead you to salvation, or at least to a few more pints.

  7. You do know I was talking to Ed when I made the comment about living without Iron Maiden in that comment, don't you Gurdur?

    Having said that, I can live without Jethro Tull as well.

  8. Absolutely brilliant. I wonder where I can get it in the Highlands. I also wonder if my Misty would pose like Bonnie if I could get her to actually see the picture!

  9. I hope you are not suggesting the picture above is staged, Freda, and not the result of canine over indulgence? :)

    You could always sneak up on her when she is asleep or drowsing and craftily place the bottle or wine glass in a strategic postion...