Saturday, 11 December 2010

Back to the Covenant

I have been listening to and reading the transcript of Michael Perham's speech, reproduced here on Lesley's
Blog. In it he says something to the effect that he does not agree with the Anglican Covenant, but he is going to vote for it reluctantly, firstly because if he doesn't it will weaken the hand of the Archbishop of Canterbury and secondly, that "the Covenant process keeps us talking, keeps us all in Communion through challenging times."
I am not sure that feeling sorry for Rowan Williams is really a good enough reason to vote for something as momentous as the Covenant may be. It is also clear that Michael Perham is not convinced that the Covenant process will "keep us talking" and that it will further the indaba process, he simply hopes it will.

All this week, whenever I feel down about Synod's vote on the Covenant, I think of James Jones. Thank God for him, because his abstention gives me faith that some people act on their convictions. And feeling that way about an abstention seems a bit sad!


  1. Canon Andrew Godsall, Exeter12 December 2010 at 14:07

    Hi Sue
    I have to say that I felt I could not vote for the covenant - even though some pressure was around in Synod to do so as a sign of loyalty to the Archbishop. I felt that was very unhelpful. But the Bishop of Gloucester's speech was helpful in my deciding not to vote in favour - as was the Bishop of Lincoln's - although he also voted in favour. I was left with the impression that the House of Bishops had all agreed to vote for - even if they were against.

  2. Yes, thank you Andrew.
    It particularly depressed me that nobody in the House of Bishops voted against. It just feels like a bit of a closing ranks and sucking up to teacher job - but this is possibly grossly unfair of me, I know people do have to make their own decisions in good conscience on this matter. I don't think "loyalty votes" are right on such an issue though.

    I did notice your name in the House of Clergy list- and for that - thanks!

    I suppose we shall just have to "wait and see" - but I don't feel positive about the C of E and its future direction, I really don't!
    Lovely to hear from you again.

  3. My church (Church of Scotland) is rapidly reaching the same crisis of faith, though we are not so much influenced by a world-wide communion, it is more like an association of friends who are presbyterian. So far it is hanging together, but who knows how long it will last.