Wednesday, 8 December 2010

All I don't want for Christmas...

That time of year has come around again. No, not just the season of goodwill, but the chance look at all the stuff out there that you wouldn't inflict on your worst enemy. Here are two things that are not on my Christmas list:
 I think I might be able to live without the crusaders (but I do have worse up my sleeve, just wait and see.)

And this "Jesus soap on a rope" was withdrawn last year not because it is tacky, overpriced and a lurid blue colour, but due to its sacreligious nature (well go figure...)


  1. The Christian Crusaders should be put on the end of a rope. Unfortunately, with one member it would easliy snap.

  2. But it could be viewed as an effort to wash away one's sin (the bluer ones in particular!)