Thursday, 11 November 2010

When two or three are gathered...

I was quite interested to note that Rowan Williams has apparently suggested suspending the Primates' Meeting, in favour of small group meetings of like minded bishops. I think this must be thinking along the lines of the Indaba principle, or perhaps more that when two or three are gathered there is less likely to be an almighty showdown? I'd say that given David Anderson's advice last month, the Primates' meeting in Ireland in January is more likely to end up more like an overwrought tantrum at a toddler's birthday party than a meeting of sage and reasonable elders! In the face of those attitudes, Rowan's Indaba hopes might not be universally popular.

Blessed are the peacemakers? You can forget that, Archbishop! Certain people out there are ripe for a fight and won't want you being a spoilsport. To show my age by quoting Morrissey again, " Love, peace and harmony? Oh, very nice, very nice, very nice... but maybe in the next world?

(Watch that fudge, could just boil over.)


  1. You know Morrissey, yet you conflate Jethro Tull with - god forbid - Iron Maiden?

    I am shocked. Shame!

  2. I lived with someone who was a Smiths addict at university. He played the songs end to end all day long and swathed himself in grey cardigans. I discovered there is a quote for every situation in life.