Monday, 22 November 2010

Vogon alert

Researchers have discovered the alien species that is most likely to be taking over the Church of England.

BTW has anyone ever noticed the strange flying saucer shaped arrangement of the Synod chamber?

OK, I know that's enough!


  1. You are a very bad girl and I am tempted to mention my thoughts on what would happen to the average number of testicles in the House of Bishops if Women were consecrated... but I will resist!

  2. Surely you mean tentacles? :)

  3. Not only is the Synod chamber shaped like a flying saucer, it has an inscription in a very strange language running round the top, and most of the people in it seem to be on another planet. I've been at Synod debates where 3 hours was spent debating the meaning of 'ek'; where hiking boots were denounced as a sign of idolatry; and where a marriage without the capacity to have children was declared 'defective in intent'.

    The Vogon explanation is the first one I've heard that's made sense.

    Iffy Vicar

  4. It ALL makes sense now. When the inter-galactic conspiracy to take over the Anglican Communion if finally revealed - just remember you heard it first on Significant Truths.