Monday, 29 November 2010


I clicked on Rosanna's blog Considertheway this evening and read these words,
God sent Jesus to grow up in a simple family
to have simple needs
AND his message was simple.

That God knows us and God wants us to know him.

We do over complicate things, don't we? But God did not over complicate things, he just came to live among us, to speak to us in words and ways we could understand, to simply be with us.

I hope that I will be able to wonder at the simplicity of the Christmas message this Advent.


  1. Surely He wants to know if we're gay or straight? That's the main Anglican Doctrine.

  2. You'd think it was at times wouldn't you, Fr?

    I am trying to escape from all that this Advent! Need some respite and am reminding myself that my faith has nothing to do with the Anglican Covenant - or the Anglican Church for that matter.

  3. You are quite right, Sue. It is time to concentrate on the unconditional Love of God for us all.

  4. ((((((((Fr Orsen Carte))))))))) ! :)

  5. I love the simplicity - a timely reminder.

  6. ahh thank you Sue. It is so amazing to have this as an advent theme. I think your right I will stick it up on the window in front of the sink to remind myself.