Sunday, 28 November 2010

Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel

It's not really Advent until you hear this hymn, is it? Apologies to anyone who automatically associates Aled Jones with Songs of Praise, but he does sing it beautifully here.

A blessed Advent to everyone who reads this blog.


  1. I do so agree. Lovely carol and lovely version. I wish our singing at St. M's this morning had been of the the same crystal clear clarity but at least it gives us something to aspire to.
    Thanks for the opportunity to hear this.

  2. Thank you for a lovely calm spot in a hectic weekend. A happy and blessed Advent to you and yours.

  3. Thanks Freda.
    (I tried to access your blog today and couldn't ):
    Will try again soon.

  4. how do you get the link to video? i am useless. is it easy or should i get hubby to investigate and show me?
    thanks I did not sing this at our service, now you make me think I should have included it. but we had an 11 year old playing our organ - how wonderful she did so well

  5. oh i managed it glad i asked!