Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A time to be silent

I have just heard again on the news that Pete Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden has been suspended, although Church Mouse seems to know differently. I am unsure if he has been withdrawn from public duties, withdrawn voluntarily or has been suspended. In any case, he has been censured and most of you will know why by now!

It seemed to me that while the bishop's remarks were certainly unacceptable, and could be seen as showing an arrogant and dismissive attitude to those whose marriages break down, his main error seemed to me his lack of wisdom in expressing them in a public context.

I personally do not really want to see him pay a heavy price, but the media is alert at this moment to any scrap of detail or coverage around this wedding and, if there is public interest, might well ensure he will.

Perhaps he should have put aside his republican sympathies and simply allowed himself to be cheered up by the thought of a public holiday - just like the rest of us.


  1. I do not want him to pay a heavy price either - we all get things worng sometimes, and we all need forgiveness.
    I have put a comment on my blog to that effect this evening.
    Yours, The Satirical Christian

  2. it is very a very sad state of affairs that church leaders are suspended for this. it makes our life as a democracy in England a laughing stock.

  3. I believe he should be suspended for a week. From a Rack in the Tower of London.

  4. Spot on, Suem. Bishop Broadbent's rant on Facebook was an attack on all that the British hold dear - namely an extra public holiday.