Monday, 8 November 2010

Five bishops resign

I guess everyone will have heard that five bishops are to leave the Church of England and join the Ordinariate. A quick hunt around t'internet yielded this article, What will Rowan Williams do now, by Riazat Butt.
Despite his "regrets", the issue that faces the Archbishop and the rest of the church is not so much what to do about those who go, but what to do about the vast majority of traditionalists who will stay. It is worth noting that, despite the election of a new synod which might be more sympathetic to their wishes, these five still chose to go. I would hazard that that is because they would be unhappy with any compromise, the very fact of the existence of women fully in the ministry of the church was the issue for them.

This is not to say that such a decision is easy, I am sure it is not. However, Broadhurst has spoken of being "nervous but excited" about the prospect, and I wish them well as they make the most of their own opportunities in ministry at the same time as many women in the Church of England look forward to new horizons and opportunites for which they have served, worked, prayed and so justly deserve.

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