Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Anglican Covenant fudge (please heed warnings)


A large quantity of extreme bitterness.
A variety of cultures and theologies .
Several demands for action .
Genuine concern about impaired relationships and a desire to find real solutions.
¾ of a cup of language about our “unity and common life.”
¼ of a cup of more ominous language about “relational consequences.”
Love and grace.


1. Following the ordination of a gay bishop, place the large quantity of extreme bitterness in a bowl.
2. Add the mix of different cultures and theologies – be careful, it is extremely acid, volatile and potentially explosive. Try not to get your fingers burnt.
3. Add the demands to “do something”. The mixture may seethe, fizz and give off steam – try not to choke.
4. The next step is to try to neutralise the bitterness, this is essential if you are to produce a successful Anglican Covenant.
5. Take the genuine concerns about impaired relationship and desire for real solutions and stir very carefully into the seething mass with a lot of prayer
6. Now add the ¾ cup of language about unity and common life with ¼ cup of more ominous language about relational consequences while keeping your fingers crossed as the mixture reacts.
7. Realise that what you wanted to make was a covenant, and the basis of this is love, grace and mercy.
8. Look for the love, grace and mercy – realise you simply don’t have enough to hand.
9. Put the fudge through several readings, committees and submit to Synod anyway.
10. Add some more prayer, hope for a miracle.

Warning: Making this fudge is a thankless task. It requires skill, luck or a miracle. Few will like it, some won’t buy it. We cannot guarantee whether it will be tasteless, insipid, bitter or toxic. It may cause further discord, suspicion, nausea, indigestion and disaffection. It might hit the spot or it might just disintegrate.



  1. I am just boiling up some condensed milk, sugar and butter for some Millionaires Slice for Parish Sundae(cafe Church) on Sunday and thought I would have a quick look at todays blogs. I wonder who will be licking your pan out , we can guess he was once an angel of light.Great Post -thanks

  2. As an evangelical, I fear your recipe will rot my ever-smiling teeth. We happy-clappys like lots of sugar to hide the bitterness we feel after eating Anglican Fudge. Our aim is to have the whole bowl to ourselves. We have tried your recipe and now have wind. I suspect the chef was gay, resulting in our need for Imodium.

  3. Yum, yum Margaret. Can you save some Millionaire's slices for me ( and maybe for Canon Sugden, if he has any appetite left.)